The TemplEarth Foundation

Nurturing healthier conversations between humans and Planet Earth through Creativity and the Arts.


Art that connects us to our greater community

Music that serves to help wake us up

Dance that inspires us to be vibrant and alive

Poetry that reminds us that we are all connected

Theatre that tells the story of how we came to be

Green technologies that show how it should be done

This is the mission of TemplEarth

To nurture and promote creativity and creative activism that define and deepen healthy relationships ~

With the Earth

With other species

With each other

And with ourselves. 

Reverence and Respect

These are the Foundations of TemplEarth.

Founded by Eric Geoffrey in 2017, The TemplEarth Foundation is an independent association of creatives dedicated to nurturing awareness of our common bonds and our interconnected reality through creative activism. We believe that there are more things that connect each of us than separate us and that the vision is worth speaking up and fighting for.

The TemplEarth Foundation nurtures and promotes any and all forms of art, creativity, and inspiration that help raise consciousness and empowers individuals to be their most bold, powerful, compassionate, empathetic, and woke selves. We cherish and support forms of creativity that nurtures reverence and respect as default modes of interaction with our planet and all forms or life, or actively advocates for mutually beneficial relationships with the biosphere.

Anything and everything that serve to deepen healthy relationships are all forms of climate activism.

Anything that causes us to wonder, marvel, or experience awe serves to awaken our truest selves.

Call To Artists

If your creativity serves reconnecting the web of life, inspires people to wake up and shine brighter, helps to celebrate our common bonds, or actively nurtures our greater community, we’d like to connect and hear from you. 

The more like minded artists and creatives are connected the more power we bring to the table. 

Let’s explore how we can help each other spread our work with the goal to activate The 3.5% Rule.

~ Let's connect ~