The What Will It Take Project

What Will It Take is a spoken word poem by Eric Geoffrey that asks the questions that are needed to raise our general awareness about where we stand in relation to climate. The vision for the project is to have each line of the poem read by different people from all walks of life, representing all races, ages, and genders so that this plea to the common threads that connect us all can be heard with the intention to mirror our global community.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please Contact Us and we will send you the project package.

 What Will It Take?

 What will it take for you to wake
 And clean up your act for our children’s sake
 Will a war need to come home for you to feel scared?
 What will it take for you to be aware?

 How about loosing your chocolate, or coffee,
 or not having your tea?
 When these things won’t grow anymore for the likes of you and me
 No more wine? No more beer? Yeah, that’ll cause fear!
 Is that what it will take for you to truly hear?

 When the ice keeps on melting and the polar bears die
 Will that jolt you awake in the blink of an eye?
 What if spring turns to summer and then the heat never ends?
 Or fall turns to winter with no spring round the bend?

 When lions and tigers and bears all die 
 and can only be found in a zoo
 Is that what it will take to scare the crap out of you?
 For we need to wake up and change how we live
 Or the earth won’t be fit
 do you think our children will forgive?

 So what will it take for you to wake?
 Or are we going to wait until everything breaks?
 What will it take for a true wake up call
 That grabs the attention of most if not all?

 Will it need to be angry, or sad, or vein popping mad?
 Will it be violent and scary, and altogether bad?
 What will it take to read the writing on the wall?
 Before life as we know it slams us against that wall?

 You see we’re in this together whether you like it or not
 All of life is entwined like a big Celtic knot
 We breathe the same air, and eat the same food
 So when you shit where we eat, it’s just flat out plain rude

 I’d like to think that we will all realize
 That no matter who you are, our genes are all the same size
 What binds us together can also tear us apart
 How we listen to the drummer that beats in our heart

 So will you march to the tune of us verses them?
 That always leads to war and we’re all condemned.
 Or will you dance to the beat of an awakening heart
 and help build solutions to forge a new start.

 So what will it take, for you to wake?

 © Eric Geoffrey 2017